Sunday, December 2, 2012

Gearing Up For The Holidays With A Santa Freebie!

Hey there! This is my FAVORITE time of year with my kiddos! We spend several weeks on various Christmas themes and this year I started it off with Santa Claus. All this week we have focused on Santa, Santa, Santa. We made our first (pretty hard) TLC Santa, we wrote about what we would do if Santa got stuck in our chimney AND we had some fun making our own Santa faces. Oh! Check out our holiday door! I love it! Kiddos did a great job on the snowflakes too!

Is this not the cutest Christmas Card ever??!?!!?

Ok, now I guess I can post my Santa Freebie. I threw this together one afternoon when I discovered I was one math center short. We've just started addition and my kiddos liked this one. 
Graphics copyright DJ