Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Plants, Insects and SpRiNg!

Hello all! Long time no blog post right?? Well that's because we have been such busy busy bees in Mrs. Holcomb's class lately. The week before spring break we started our plants and insects unit! So. Much. Fun! I thought this would be a good idea since our farm unit was coming up right after the break, and it would give my kiddos a good understanding of how the 2 relate. We got so much accomplished and I love it when I can really tell that the kiddos are loving to learn! Check out our fun theme activities from the week and our center activities. All activities came from my Plants and Insects Unit and you can find it right HERE! Enjoy!
Here they are in the process of making "grassheads." When they grow, the grass will look like hair and we will put a face on it.

Ladybug life cycles

Our vegetable garden

Life cycle of a butterfly with Hungry Caterpillar, and our coffee filter buttferflies

Parts of a plant

Grasshopper with a fact on the back

end of week 1...another picture coming after 3 weeks. You won't believe it!


FirstGradeBlueSkies (Jennifer) said...

Looks Fabulous!
First Grade Blue SKies

Busy Bees said...

Your stuff looks great. I made grassheads the last couple of years and the kids love them!!

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